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LOTR Diablo Mod!
Berendir @ 15:02 EST

diablo mod

Well this is great! Last week we find out theres a War Craft two conversion game, and now this! Its a mod of Diablo that is given MIddle Earth Twists. Heres some info on it:

- we threw out anything we felt was not "middle earthish" in the original Diablo 1.07 game. Well, at least everything we could throw out.

- new monsters. Some of them even with new graphics (that is why you have to download so much)

- tons of new bosses. Many of them will seem somewhat familiar if you are a Tolkien fan :-)

- new unique items. LOTS of them. Every single one has been replaced

- other than with the "original" 1.07 mod, we balanced the game to our liking right from the start. So, for example, in this Middle Earth mod we put more emphasis on the lower armour types - i.e. leather armour and chain mail are much more important than plate mail. You will have trouble even finding a plate mail armour (of course we adjusted the AC ranges of chain mail etc. a bit to compensate). Two handed weapons have been improved somewhat. For a beginning warrior, axes are far more interesting now than before, for example.

Of course there were lots of limitations to what we could do - we had to use the existing monster graphics, for example, even if they did not really fit the monsters we wanted to create. Just look at the poor Orcs, for example :-) But, hey, we did not want to create a simulation. This is a fast paced action roleplaying game, and we are sure when you first meet Morgoth, you will feel the terror, even though he looks very familiar for every Diablo fan ...

Interested? Well go check out the site Here.
The link to the Middle Earth Mod is at the top of the page.

Thanks to Chris4 from Barlimans for the tip.