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Games Workshop Talks LOTR
Xoanon @ 8:21 am EST

Tim Huckelbery from Games Workshop USA sends us all this great info on future GW USA releases and information on 'GAME DAY USA'!

Some new releases out this week as part of the Lord of the Rings tabletop battlegame:

Code Title Price ($US)
05-58 Elendil $7.99
05-59 Isildur $7.99

These two mighty warriors from the Second Age are pivotal figures in the history of Middle Earth, playing key roles in the defeat of Sauron in the Last Alliance. As such, they will be main players in our upcoming summer Lord of the Rings campaign covering the events of that momentous battle!

And look for the following in coming months:

* SAURON - Yes, we will be doing a huge figure of the Dark Lord, complete with a dying Elendil and defiant Isildur holding the broken sword. It will be coming out as part of...

* The Last Alliance Campaign - This summer will see those impressive first minutes of the film brought to life. Stores all over North America and at the 3 Games Day Conventions (Baltimore, Chicago, and Ontario) will be ringing with the sounds of battle!

Other Releases to come include - a Cave Troll with spear to menace your Fellowship! Warriors of the Last Alliance (humans and elves) and Moria Goblins box sets, both of plastic figures to bulk up your forces. Plus a Mounted Boromir and a Mounted Arewn with Frodo, both complete with new scenarios in White Dwarf magazine!

Some information on our upcoming Games Day event, which will feature a huge Last Alliance battle along with sneak previews on the upcoming Two Towers game, our follow-on to the Fellowship of the Ring tabletop battlegame.

Games Day Information

Games Day USA is the annual gaming extravaganza for the Games Workshop series of hobby games such as Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40,000, the world’s most popular tabletop battlegames. This year’s event is our 10th Anniversary Games Day and should be the biggest and best ever! There will be gaming events ranging from beginner to expert for all the games, plus painting contests, seminars, demo games, special guests, and more. There will be lots of new Lord of the Rings tabletop battlegame events too, including displays and promotions plus of course sneak peeks at the upcoming Two Towers figures and game!

Scheduled Guests include Warhammer 40,000 Game Designer Pete Haines, longtime favorite figure sculptors Alan and Mike Perry, author Dan Abnett (Eisenhorn Trilogy, Titan, the best-selling Gaunt’s Ghosts novels), Robin Dews of the upcoming Warhammer Online project, Jervis Johnson from Specialist Games, and Forgeworld’s Tony Cottrell. We’ll also have folks from Sabertooth Games running events for the Warhammer 40,000 Collectible Card Game plus Hogshead Publishing to show off the latest for the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Game.

Last year’s Games Day drew nearly 4,000 enthusiastic hobby fans, and even more are expected this summer. We hope to see you there!

Show Details: June 28th - 29th
Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, MD
Friday Hours: 2pm - 7:30 pm
Saturday Hours: 10am - 7pm

For more information, visit www.games-workshop.com or feel free to call us at 1-800-394-GAME.
Also keep an eye out for news on our two other Games Day events this year in Chicago and Ontario!

About Games Workshop
For over 25 years Games Workshop has designed, manufactured, distributed and sold tabletop wargame systems and associated miniatures, marketed as a complete hobby for teenagers and older. Its key brands are Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000.

With its international headquarters in Nottingham England, the company also has wholly-owned subsidiaries in the US, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Australia and Italy. Over 2,200 people are employed by the company through these operations. With over $40 million in sales last year, Games Workshop USA is headquarted in Glen Burnie, Maryland and oversees a chain of retail hobby centers from coast to coast.

Games Workshop owns over 250 retail stores worldwide and our products are featured in over 2,000 independent outlets internationally. Games Workshop is a public company quoted on the London Stock Exchange.
Games Workshop controls every aspect of its business, from initial concept and design through to manufacture, distribution and retail.

Products are sold through the Group’s own chain of dedicated retail stores, through independent retailers, by mail order and direct via on-line stores. The Group’s long-running publication White Dwarf is available via the stores, by mail order, on newstands throughout the world (in several languages), and through its website - www.games-workshop.com.

For further information please contact:
Tim Huckelbery, Public Relations, Games Workshop USA